All You Need to Know About A Deep Tissue Massage

March 19, 2020

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage therapy technique that’s unique in itself. It’s where a therapist applies strong pressure while delivering slow strokes. Using this approach, the therapist can reach the deeper layers of the muscles and fascia. Very few massage therapies are as effective as this one when it comes to curing stiff upper and lower back or neck. Its specialty is such that it focuses primarily on a specific tissue. It can help you get rid of chronic muscle aches, limited mobility, injury rehabilitation, tennis elbow, postural issues, pain from osteoarthritis, etc.

Deep Tissue Massage Dubai

What to Expect

A few of the strokes used in this therapeutic technique resemble the ones used in Swedish massage. However, the former isn’t stronger than the latter. The technique targets deep tissues to disintegrate the scarred ones and knotted muscles. These loops are what lead to blood clots and ultimately causes pain, inflammation, and limits the range of motion. In the beginning, the they will apply small amounts of pressure to prepare your muscles. Then, they shift to other procedures such as stripping or friction.

The Matter Concerning Pain

At specific moments during the massage, you may experience tremendous amounts of pain. Of course, you won’t be able to put up with this discomfort. Furthermore, feeling too much pain doesn’t mean that it will counteract the existing discomfort. You will even tense up in response to extreme pressure applied by the therapist. As a result, it will be too difficult for the specialist to reach the deeper muscles. If the pain creates too much discomfort for you, then don’t hesitate to disclose it to the therapist.

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A Few Considerations

Deep tissue therapy is undoubtedly effective, but it isn’t suitable for all. For instance, if blood clots form inside your body for some existing health condition, then you should avoid it. Furthermore, it’s wise to speak to a health specialist before undergoing any form of massage therapy. You should also seek special advice if you went through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or anything else. In the end, you need to make an informed choice regarding your massage therapy service provider.

Final Words

This process is all about using a lot of pressure. While it resembles Swedish massage in some ways, there are a few significant differences. It can oust several physical issues that you suffer from. Nevertheless, you don’t have to put up with the pain to gain its benefits. If you want to gather more information about deep tissue therapy, then you should visit this source.