About us

One of the principal shipping agents and freight forwarders in Dubai, DCFC originated in the year 1972. In these years, DCFC has established itself as a specialist in the realm of logistics and international freight forwarding. By utilizing the appropriate services in an efficient manner, we provide comprehensive analytical logistics solutions to our clients that are cost-effective.

Our clients are esteemed and their faith and backing have been a constant source of motivation that has helped us expand our presence in the freight industry and also emboldened us to advance into new markets. DCFC’s objective is to be the best among international freight forwarding industries and logistics-based service providers and to provide the most delight to our clientele.


As an organization, DCFC constantly strives to excel in our performance, a trait that has enabled us to develop and grow. This commitment to excellence is shared by our employees, a majority of whom have been a part of us for more than ten years. We are gratified to announce that our patrons and peers share a strong relationship with us and have the utmost conviction in our abilities.


As the world shrinks and becomes more fast-paced, DCFC recognizes the need for integrated logistics and delivering results with efficiency.